Brain Power Development

What kind of brain training could be defined as Brain Power Development?

Brain Power Development is a way of training that develop the whole brain cognitive skills. If you can utilize both of your brain, why would you want only part of your brain to be better? Wouldn’t you want to increase intelligence in your whole brain?

The Brain

The brain has two hemispheres, left and right.

Left hemisphere thinking is sequential, linear, logical, practical, mathematical, and time orientated.

Right hemisphere thinking is non-linear, intuitive, abstract, big-picture focused, creative, and space-oriented.

Most people use one hemisphere more than the other, creating an imbalance.

When both hemispheres of the brain begin to communicate and work in synchronization, it is called "whole brain synchronization".

Whole brain synchronization promotes electrical activity and energy patterns in the brain become more widespread throughout the brain instead of remaining confined to certain areas.

Research has indicated this type of "whole brain synchronization" is present in the brain at times of intense creativity, clarity and inspiration.

"Brain Power Development" is brain training that unleashed the power of both side of the brain.

Every brain needs an exercise. "Brain Power Development" training promotes exercise of the brain.

What is Brain Power Exercise?

Brain Power Exercise refers to movement of human body that improves neural activities. It develops physical coordination, agility and confidence through physical performance.

Physical bodies are part of the learning, and learning is not an isolated "brain" function yet it is associated with the physical body movements.

Every nerve and cell is a network contributing to the learning capability and intelligence, every movement of our bodies improve the development of the nerve cells in the brain.

Brain Power Exercises stimulate brain activities which could improve:

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