Mindfulness: A way to calm our mind, relax our body

Mindfulness gives kids a tool for understanding how their brain works, for having better self-control,

Handwork: A way to understand our ability.

A motor skill is a learned sequence of movements that combine to produce a smooth, efficient action in order to master a particular task.

Concentration through Craft work

Crafting is both fun to make and fun to play, at the same time, it helps the younger one to concentrate.

Teamwork: Learn to share and work together.

Functionality of a good culture family and society comes from teamwork.

Drawing is a way of self-understanding

Drawing for kids is an important time to enhance their mind and artistic skills, it shows the way of thinking pattern of a person.

Work with your hand

How flexible is your hand means how flexible is your brain, as your brain control your hands.

Fun work with clay

Working with clay is fun, because a child has to learn how to press, to work the clay into round, square, tear drop or peanut shape.

Concentration: training needed for all age.

When a child being able to be comfortable with silence, they have the ability to concentrate.

The Tree and the Vegetables

Once upon a time, there was a lovely vegetable patch, on which grew a very leafy tree. Both the patch and the tree gave the place a wonderful appearance, and were the pride and joy of the garden's owner. What no one knew was that the vegetables in the patch and the tree couldn't stand each other. The vegetables hated the tree's shadow, because it left them only just enough light to survive. The tree, on the other hand, resented the vegetables because they drank nearly all the water before it could get to him, leaving him with just enough to survive.

The situation became so extreme that the vegetables got totally fed up and decided to use up all the water in the ground so that the tree would dry up. The tree answered back by refusing to shade the vegetables from the hot midday sun, so they too began to dry up. Before long, the vegetables were really scrawny, and the tree's branches were drying up.

None of them suspected that the gardener, on seeing his vegetable patch deteriorating, would stop watering it. When he did that, both the tree and the vegetables really learned what thirst was. There seemed to be no solution, but one of the vegetables, a small courgette, understood what was going on, and decided to resolve it. Despite the little water available, and the unforgiving heat, the little courgette did all he could to grow, grow, grow...

He managed to grow so big that the gardener started watering the patch again. Now the gardener wanted to enter that beautiful big courgette in some gardening contest.

And so it was that the vegetables and the tree realized that it was better to help each other than to fight. They should really learn how to live in harmony with those around them, doing the best they could. So they decided to work together, using both the shade and the water in the best combination to grow good vegetables. Seeing how well they were doing, the gardener now gave the best of care to his vegetable patch, watering and fertilizing it better than any other patch for miles around.

Author.. Pedro Pablo Sacristán

How to improve childrens concentration

Here are some practical suggestions to help build concentration in children.

★ Time

Provide your children with the gift of time for relaxing, free play. Time is a concentration aid - when we become totally absorbed and lost within an activity our concentration is humming at 100%. Watch your children when they are immersed in an activity and you can clearly witness their concentrated, fully focused attention span. They need to know they have all the time in the world available to them so they can relax and let go into their imaginations.

★ Basic Physical Needs

Along with a well balanced diet and sound bedtime routines, children need plenty of exercise to release negative energy buildup and to provide increased energy through fitness. Fit and healthy children have higher rates of concentration.
increase concentration

★ Silence

Encourage your children to be comfortable with silence. Explain that being able to sit still and find a place of inner stillness will help them to develop and increase concentration and enhance their attention span.

Give them something to concentrate on, a tree, flower, view, memory, photo or book and encourage them to enjoy the silence alongside you from an early age.

★ Posture and Breathing

Teach your children how to stand erect and tall, and to breathe correctly into their diaphragm. Shallow breathing prevents a good flow of oxygen into the bloodstream, while breathing well encourages a feeling of strength and well-being, producing confidence. Encourage your children into activities that promote good breathing such as singing, sport and exercise.

★ Encourage Reading

Continue to read aloud to your children regularly as well as encouraging them to read to you.

Promote reading as a bedtime wind down activity rather than having a television in your child's room. memory game concentration

★ Memory Game Concentration

Do you remember playing this game when you were younger - locating cards as you remembered which pairs matched?

How about memorizing the items on a tray and writing down as many as could be remembered? Our education system then also taught us how to remember poetry, tables, songs and maths rules. Rote learning was good for enhancing concentration skills.

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