Parenting Tips 4

Let Your Child Make Safe Mistakes and Experience Some Failure

Sometimes we protect our children from failure because we don’t want them to be hurt or disappointed, but failure is a wonderful teacher for those brave enough to take the lesson.

If your child wants to try out an idea that is doomed to failure, don’t stop your child. Let your child create
the raft that will sink, or the plane that won’t fly. Discovering that it doesn’t work is worth far more than a lecture — it’s a lasting life lesson. As long as the mistake puts no one in harm’s way, let your child learn some lessons from the best teacher, the school of real life.

Advice from Aimee Tay

Watch your child—what interests your child?
Listen—really listen—to your child’s ideas.

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Source: Parents Count. Better Kid Care, Pennsylvania State Cooperative Extension, March, 2005. 

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