Early Morning Mindfulness

Early morning mindful can be carried out over breakfast.

Eat your breakfast consciously, and mindfully. 

You might think that’s easy and that you do it all the time, but do you really?

Like everyone, you’re maybe at your desk, catching up on emails, reading the paper, talking to your partner or kids. You may not even taste what you’re putting in your mouth.

Eating mindfully, with your mind totally on every mouthful, is an art. It needs practice.

① Try to focus entirely on your meal. Chewed, tasted, and swallowed.
② Feel your feet connecting with the earth through my floor.
③ Looked into the bowl, and be thankful that every element in your breakfast had a connection to the Earth. they are grown in the Earth, watered by rain, ripened by sun.
④ Express our gratitude to the farmers who have toiled to harvest it, and the workers who have toiled to pack and deliver it to our local store.

Be thankful always ....

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