Kids Holiday Craft

School holiday is coming and you need to plan holiday activities for your kids.  How about crafting? Crafting is not only fun but it brings lots of benefits in kids development such as fine motor skill and creativity.  

Children love making things, and even if more often than not, they create a mess as well, you’ve got to give them kudos for being the creative little spirits that they are.

Any form of creativity is a healthy and relaxing outlet.

Craft making also involves working with one’s hands, which builds dexterity and motor function. Plus, crafts are just plain fun. Kids love getting involved in fun projects that engage their mind and hands. Crafts are also a great way to keep kids occupied. These are just a few of the reasons why kids and crafts go together so very well. Projects will subtly teach kids how to follow instructions, and children will soon learn that following instructions can be both fun and rewarding.

Let’s take a look at some benefits of crafting for kids.

1. Crafting builds creativity.

Creativity engages a number of mental processes, such as problem solving, idea generation, and comprehension. Making something from raw material also comes with considerable personal rewards and a sense of accomplishment.
Developing minds need a creative outlet, and crafting provides the opportunity for kids to use their imaginations. It helps them learn to solve problems, and it could lay the groundwork for a lifetime of interest in art.

Creative actions serve to increase self-awareness and promote self-acknowledgement. Kids who engage in craft making will hone their creative skills and learn how to be productive.

 2.  Crafting teaches kids to follow directions.

This seems like a very basic skill, but we all know adults who can’t seem to follow directions. When kids craft, they learn the consequences of not following directions when their projects do not turn out as expected. This instills in them the importance of doing things the right way the first time.

3.  For young kids, crafting is fabulous for learning basic skills. 

One of the most important developmental phases for children is that time when they begin to master basic motor skills and eye-hand coordination. Learning to use fingers and hands deftly is an ongoing process which can be helped along through a variety of activities, including crafting. Using pens and pencils, scissors, glue, and a variety of other craft tools and supplies is a great way to encourage dexterity.
4.  Crafting is a great way to wind down.
It’s wonderful for kids to be active, but there are times when they need to calm down. If you find your child getting agitated or exhibiting an overabundance of energy near bedtime, try bringing out the craft supplies. Crafting engages kids’ minds, giving them something to focus on and a good reason to sit still for a while.

5.  Create things is boosting confidence. 

Parents who craft regularly know the feeling of accomplishment when a project is complete. Multiply this feeling by ten, and you have a pretty good idea of how your child feels when he makes something. For kids, crafting can help build positive self-esteem.

6. Having Fun
Crafts are fun and instructional for children. Sure, they can be a lot of work for the adult who needs to set up, supervise and assist; but the idea is to do something enjoyable together, and allow the child the pride of creation and sense of mastery to be able to say, "Look, I made this myself!"

Having fun is a cornerstone of childhood, and its value should never be discounted when coming up with interesting activities for children to explore.

Article Source: International Adoption Articles Directory

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